Quality & Design

Text on the Quality of Materials and Confection

1 - On the material level, we use cowhides essentially, finished in a very natural way (without great chemical processes or paints). The naturalness of this skin is what allows us to make the finishes the way we intend and to give the product the 'handmade' aspect that it actually has.

2 - The inside of the shoe is also all leather, using a very natural cow lining (without corrections with paints).

3 - When using this type of material, we provide our clients with a good feeling of comfort and quality, allowing the natural perspiration sensation of the feet to be minimized, since the natural skin allows natural 'breath' of the shoe itself. This is quite evident when we wear the same shoe for several days in a row and realize that on the next day the shoe is dry, and that the feet of the consumer do not get wet during their use.

4 - We use leather soles with the TPU injection of the part that is in contact with the floor, which is a material derived from rubber, but with a much higher abrasion resistance, which will allow a greater durability of the sole, as well as an additional comfort due to the fact that it does not slip and is more malleable than leather.

5 - The assembly and finishing process is quite manual and made by professionals working in this sector for more than 20 years. Our company has been in business for 35 years, and this experience and know-how accumulated over the years has allowed us to make fashionable yet comfortable shoes.

6 - The finishing process is completely 'handmade', allowing us to give the shoe (mainly those that are made in natural skin (not suede)), a very rich aspect and that transmits quality and affection of who made that product.